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12 Music Business Tips With Mike Loco (Music Manager) 

  1. Don’t be afraid to work for free in order to gain knowledge and connections 
  1. While interning do more then the bare minimum, make sure to stand out. Ask to be involved in meetings. 
  1. There is more to being an A&R then just finding talent, there is still a process to it. A lot of talent falls through the crack because of the internet. Hit the pavement, go to shows, meet artists in your area. 
  1. Find that talent no one knows about, and be apart of that process of taking something from nothing. 
  1. You have to learn algorithms, learn marketing, analytics or you have to pay someone who actually knows what they are doing. 
  1. Once you have a mastered track recorded with a non compete you can send it to different A&Rs. Make sure you have everything legally owned. 
  1. Artists should always be seen at their best. Whatever you put out, ensure it is top of the line. Make the sacrifices to invest in yourself. 
  1. Research the best ways to get your music heard and ways to promote yourself.  
  1. Building relationships is key. Make sure to always be networking and hitting events. 
  1. You can find events via Eventbrite for example searching your city and “Music Industry Event”. Do your homework on these people at the events to show you did your homework to have a substantial conversation. 
  1. A lot of artists want managers because they are lazy and they do not want to do the work. It doesn’t work like that. 
  1. MLM Entertainment does offer playlist pitching for artists 


If youre an artist with $1,000 how would you use that money to market yourself? 

Mike Loco: I would use part of the budget toward playlist agent to grow a single I am pushing. I would also invest the money in a targeted social media campaign (not automatic). I would also invest into other third marketing agencies to email blast and target engagement groups. With $1,000 you can have 3 good marketing campaigns going for a solid month with that budget. Ask everyone and everyone you meet about other reputable people to work with. Make sure to do your research on the people you are paying. 

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