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In a world filled with over 7,800,000,000 people, half of them foresee a life where they’ve achieved their dreams. 1Dru fits in that percentile, proving in his latest album Hollywood Dreams that anything is possible if you believe in yourself, and of course, work hard towards your goals. In the words of the rapper, Hollywood Dreams means making it in Los Angeles or Hollywood. 

“We all have dreams, and they are usually all different,” he continues. “For me, it’s to be known for my music or acting.” And if you’re wondering, why acting? It’s because of one of his friends. 

1Dru is a prolific emcee who stays true to himself while remembering that there’s only “1Dru”. Often, he’s transparent when speaking on dark moments throughout his life. But during others, 1Dru boastfully raps about beautiful women he’s come across, his hustle, trendy attire, musical expertise, and staying lifted. 

When he’s not the topic of conversation in songs, 1Dru uses his words to motivate others, which in turn, helps them find light from the shadows. Likewise, he takes a skillful approach when speaking about both political and societal issues.

His musical journey started once he began writing poetry.

“I was influenced by how the words were put together in such a way you had to figure out what it meant,” he adds.

Eventually, he discovered hip-hop, which transitioned to him writing rhymes and sharing them with friends. “I know now the music is what made me want to do this.” 

Eminem is his biggest inspiration, along with Lil Wayne, Jay Z, Biggie, Tupac, Dr. Dre, T.I, Nelly, and 50 Cent. 

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Proud to announce that my first solo album is now out everywhere!! I put a lot of work into this for y’all so go run those streams up! Shoutout to @bruh_rome for coming through on “Down Bad” and “Pimpin” Definitely a great artist and a great friend. I wanna thank @delandonreed aka @mrbluntstown for the hot feature on “Pimpin” as well 🔥🔥And also for helping me out 2 years ago. Honestly I wouldn’t be where I’m at if not for you. Much Appreciated Big Homie 🙏🏻 Also wanna give a Big Big Shoutout to the Broski @itsashtonmartin for the hot features on “Memory Lane”, “Pimpin” & “Yeah Right” Bro you and @book_ashtonmartin have been remarkable since we met going on 2 years ago now .. I don’t think there’s anyway to repay you guys so I’ll just make u a promise by saying the best is yet to come 💎 #solid @sharihill333 for the “best is yet to come quote 😂😂😂 Shoutout to @youngmoney artist @ibabye for coming through with the feature on “Rockstar” One of my favorite tracks homie 🙏🏻 Also wanna thank @wakeupmrcole for everything you have done and the work you put In towards this project. All the visuals you see are done by him and a lot of the behind the scenes ideas are coming from him. Big Thank You Bro ! Shoutout to @fabianwybi for the cover art bro ! #1dru #hollywooddreams #hollywood #hollywooddreamsalbum #rappper #rappers #hollywooddreamsmusic #music #realrap #newmusic #newalbum #debutalbum #hiphop #hiphoptallahassee #musicindustry #rapmusic #unsighnedartist #unsighnedhype #unsighnedrapper #dmg #thankful

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1Dru’s 9-track project is his most personal work to date. Being what seems to be his first-ever album, Hollywood Dreams carries introspective lyrics that detail his upbringing, accomplishments, fears, goals, and more. 

“I have been making these songs [for Hollywood Dreams] this past year,” he says. “It’s [Hollywood Dreams] a reflection of myself. I wanted the fans to get to know me.”

The album also includes features from Bruh Rome, Ashton Martin, SIR Calhoun, and Baby E. 

Standout tracks include “Stick 2 The Code“, “Memory Lane,” “Letter to Mama,” and “Hollywood Dreams.” In terms of car tunes, he suggests you listen to “Robbin Hood.” Lil Wayne inspired Hollywood Dreams

“Stick 2 The Code” is about 1Dru explaining how he became successful by working hard. Instead of taking an easy route, 1Dru said he would “push to the extreme.” Likewise, he cares less about what haters say. Regardless of their opinions, he’s going to keep reaching for the stars. 

He raps, “Everybody screaming YOLO/But I live every day/I be hustling solo/damn I’m getting paid/Rockin the polo tee, sippin’ the pink lemonade.” 

Elsewhere, 1Dru raps about his beautiful woman and boasts about his clothes and jewelry. But before the song closes, 1Dru passes along some encouraging words to his listeners, “Keep your head up and keep standing on your feet/Even when you fed up/Just keep following your dreams.” The hip-hop offering is led by a knocking 808 and electro synths.

Memory Lane” anonymously unifies the human race by offering some heavy bars about how ‘we’re allies’ and “could be one of the same.” Throughout the song, listeners will hear 1Dru carry a flow that’s reminiscent of Eminem. “Memory Lane” also speaks on our many similarities. 

In a Southern twang, 1Dru raps: “Same school games, same badass children, nobody saying names. Everybody gets detention,” and “More love/less hate/Realize that this fate gon’ look at my face/Man we ain’t that different.” Realistically speaking, the color of our skin shouldn’t determine what our fate holds. 

His feature, Ashton Martin, keeps the same energy, using some time to reflect on personal upbringings and discrimination. One notable line of his says, “Got different eyes, different sides. But we cut close.” Ultimately, the duo carries a powerful message over a boom-bap beat to stress the importance of sticking together at all times.

“Letter to Mama” uses a melancholic soundscape and cries. The elements at hand are a piano chord and a booming bassline. Lyrically, 1Dru opens up about his mother and how her addiction to drugs affected his life growing up. 

“Why you so addicted?/Choosing drugs overtime/When you got convicted, I was crying out my eyes,” he delivers. “But the sadness shifted as it happened time after time.” 

As the song continues, 1Dru admits that she still “got a shiny side” despite her bad habit. Additionally, he admits that family is the most important thing in his life. 

During 1Dru’s second verse, he speaks about how proud he is of his mother getting clean. Then, the rapper wonders why she turned to it. Following this, he says that he regrets throwing out letters she wrote while in jail out of anger. Before the song ends, he speaks about how he’s appreciative of her support. Although they had their bumps in the road, he’s honored that she’s his mother.

“Hollywood Dreams” takes slight inspiration from Mac Miller’s “Kool-Aid and Frozen Pizza” and throws in a violin arpeggio and a sweet piano number. The lo-fi offering sees 1Dru speaking about what success has given him. In a nutshell, he embraces the fortune he’s earned and wants to spread that love to his friends and family. “Believin is achievin/Dog it all start first,” he raps. 

Deeper into the song, 1Dru admits that he misses his day one but says, “I lost a friend and an enemy/gift and a curse.” Aside from this, he raps about lighting a spliff, battling demons, and moments where he doubts the words that come out of people’s mouths. 

My family say they proud of me/ I hope it ain’t a lie,” he spits. 

Toward the end, 1Dru explains why he works so hard to obtain his dreams, “I coulda got a felony like most of my family, if what you do is destiny, then what you leave is legacy,” he spits. 

Listen to Hollywood Dreams by 1Dru below:

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