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Aria is a singer, song writer, producer and audio engineer from Peru. Aria talks about her journey to LA to pursue a career in music. She discusses the ups and downs of the entertainment industry as well as artists that have inspired her. Aria was singing since the age of 10 years old. With an incredible drive and focus on her career she was able to attend, Musicians Institute in Los Angeles at only 15 years old. Learn more about her journey in the interview below: 

Young Atlas: Since you had a love of music since such a young age when did you decide to pursue a career in the music industry? 

Aria: My parents heard me singing and decided to support my singing career while I was back home in Peru. I started to take piano and singing lessons. Around 12 years old I started performing at different venues back home, while I was going to school. My parents told me that music is a hobby for you, in Latin America it is very hard to make music your full-time career. I decided to be a psychologists, because I always wanted to help people, that was my main purpose since a young age. When I turned 14/15 my parents told me they would support me 100 % if I wanted to make music my full-time career. I said I would 100 percent do it! I finished high school when I was 15 and moved to LA to study at Musicians Institute. I studied Audio Engineering, I always wanted to know the technical aspect of the industry. People in the industry respect someone who really understands what they are talking about! I graduated and one a few awards, when I was 18 years old. I released a song titled “Scream Loud” and thats really solidified me as an artist. 

Young Atlas: What was the move like when you went to LA? 

Aria: I love LA, but it is completely different then back home. I remember being shocked by the weed stuff, because I moved here when I was 15 and was not use to that. Back home weed is really a taboo. I was like, “OH!, this is normal here.” I really missed my family at such a young age as well as the food. Waking up and not saying good morning to your family was really hard, eventually I got used to it. 

Young Atlas: What was the process like creating your own support system, without your family, in such a competitive city for recording artists, like LA? 

Aria: It was really tricky, a lot of times I had to go through things to just learn. Back then I was really naive. I always had a little circle, thats what I learned that you really need a trustworthy circle of people. I also learned that I have to be there for other people as well. I then understood how to avoid unprofessional situations. 

Young Atlas: Are there any artists that you have drawn inspiration from? 

Aria: I have two. When it comes to writing definitely, Sia. Its amazing how she writes in such a natural way. Her lyrics are so inspiring. I found a song by mistake, called, “Angel By The Wings” and the song was really powerful. When I was going through the Youtube comments I saw some comments that said, “This song saved my life”. This is what I want to do as an artist. Some artists are in the business because they want to win a Grammy or sing in a stadium. My main goal is to change people’s lives with my music and really be able to help them somehow with my lyrics and melodies. In my song, “Scream Loud” I sing about how life is not always happy and not always sad. Your not always going to feel good and not always feel bad and I wanted people to hear the song so they can be strong no matter what. 

Young Atlas: I have interviewed tons of artists and I can tell you are a really hard worker. What do you do to unwind, since it seems like you are always working? 

Aria: I love meditation! Your able to learn more about yourself in a spiritual way. Meditating lets me have my peace. I also make youtube reaction videos to rap songs. 

Young Atlas: Who are some rappers you like? 

Aria: I really like Post Malone! My manager, got me backstage passes to one of his shows and I was able to meet him. He was super humble and sweat. Its so important to support your fans like he does. 

Young Atlas: If you could have dinner with someone you look up to, who would it be and why? 

Aria: I would have to say Lady Gaga. Her music is so good and she helps so many people with her music. I also know she has been through so much. I want to know how she kept going while dealing with all the various obstacles in her life. She is someone I would love to learn from. She is true to herself no matter what. 

Young Atlas: For the talented artists out there that are struggling to make it, do you have any words of advice for them? 

Aria: I would say you have to stay true to yourself. For example Billie Eilish! Also I think artists have to realize even the biggest artists in the world go through insecurity. 

Young Atlas: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? 

Aria: The most important thing is, I would like to be in a good place emotionally. Also I would like to be more successful as an artist. My goal is really to wake up and people tell me how I I helped them, through my music. Of course I would love to win a Grammy and get a Billboard track! 

Young Atlas: Are you signed to a record label? 

Aria: There have been offers, but at the moment I am not signed to a label at the moment. If it makes sense my team is open. 

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