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Cassius Morris is a media prodigy who started interviewing at 10 years old. Cassius is from Edmonton, Alberta Canada. He has interviewed a wide range of guests that include: Gene Simmons from KISS, Michael Landsberg, Joey Diaz and many more. Cassius has been featured on TMZ and is growing into a content machine as he consistently works on his craft. In this interview we spoke about the ups and downs of the entertainment industry. Cassius offers insight into what it takes to be a successful content creator. Cassius drops some gems for podcasters with tips about booking major interviews. We also talked about what it takes to be a great interviewer and some of his goals. Trust me he’s going to be famous! 

Joey Diaz and Cassius 

Young Atlas: I recently watched the Joey Diaz interview, it was amazing, just wanted to say 

great work. 

Cassius Morris: Thanks dude, I appreciate it. Honestly, it was great to talk with Joey again. It’s been a couple years, since we last talked. 

Young Atlas: How did you and Joey first link up? 

Cassius Morris: We met up during beginning of his podcast career. He was known for Rogan and the movies that he did through the years. I contacted him through Twitter and Facebook. I made myself known in the community really early on, because I was really into his style. Eventually we connected through the phone and the rest was history. I was on his podcast in the early days and he was on the first episode of early podcast. Its been a really special relationship with Joey. 

Young Atlas: Its great to see the OG’s showing love like that! 

Cassius Morris: I remember his show in early days where it would be 100 people on his chat. Now he has like 20,000 when he goes live. It’s crazy to see what he has built this up to. 

Young Atlas: I was watching this Joe Rogan interview earlier. It made me think just how much of an impact Joe has had on the industry. 

Madchild interview with Cassius

Cassius Morris: Exactly! I just saw Joey talking about this the other day. Joey explained that Rogan opened up the door for him, but he explained that it was up to him to take that opportunity and run with it. There have been a lot of people that have been on Rogan over 5 times and they’re irrelevant now. You really have to make the most of those opportunities. 

Young Atlas: Let’s take it back. I know you have been doing interviews for a while now, can you talk about the start? 

Cassius Morris: The first interview I actually did was with an artist named Chris. He did the artwork for Kiss, specifically the monopoly edition. Thats how deep I was going. Just trying to find some connection with Kiss in someway shape or form and getting my resume starting to build. My first in person interview was with this band called “These Kids Wear Crowns”. I showed up to the venue and I was cutting the line with the bands’ manager when I was 11. It really intrigued me! This was a whole world that I had never been in. 

Young Atlas: There is such a high burnout rate in the entertainment industry. What keeps you grounded to continue pushing? 

Cassius Morris: It’s an interesting thing. Sometimes you’ll push for weeks and you don’t have an episode that pops the way you want it too. The thing that really keeps me going is remembering that people are watching. Joey is watching! My guys from Kiss are watching! All of these comedians I have talked to are watching! People know that it may not be popping right now but they want to see if you keep going. As it gets bigger the stakes get higher. Every time I talk to Joey or whoever, it leads to somebody else. The people who are watching you the closest are often writing you the least. I had this one person who wrote me a message after I was doing this for eight years. He told me he was listening since my first episode of my podcast and that it was incredible watching me grow. I was sitting there frustrated that I didn’t have any likes but there were people watching. 

Young Atlas: Tell me about your support system? Being in the entertainment business its imperative to have a close circle that will keep you in check. 

Cassius Morris: Definitely! There are some family members, some friends, and people that I have known since way back. I have a manager figure, shoutout to Kevin, who has been in my life since I was 13. He arranged an interview for me and we stayed in contact. I am 21 now and we talk almost everyday. The most important thing about having a support network is knowing who to go to for what. I only reach out to specific people for certain things. For example, I am not going to play my music for my parents and ask them what they think. Your always going to sound good to your parents. I’m going to play my music for my artist friends. I need family and friends involved. 

Young Atlas: What type of career are you trying to achieve in this industry, because you have a wide range of talents?

Cassius Morris: I have a lot of different goals. Sometime that makes it challenging to really zero in on what I want to do. I’m really looking at the model from people who have had similar types of careers. People like: Queen Latifah, Will Smith, Nick Cannon, I have a real passion for acting, film and television. During the 2020 quarantine I began looking at some of the great tv shows and movies. It really struck my love for that again. I’m definitely going to pursue acting and music. I have a real passion for playing the drums, rapping and playing the guitar. I’m going to see where that goes. 

Young Atlas: During the pandemic what are some shows you have been watching? 

Cassius Morris: Honestly, number one is the Sopranos. I finished the entire series. I forbid myself from watching any interviews online, because I knew I would get a spoiler. Afterwards I looked up interviews with the creator David Chase. I realized that I watched 86 hours of television and I missed the finer psychological details. I was watching it as a drama mob show and not as a greater physiological trip that it really is. It really blew my mind that you can make great art while sending a deeper message. 

Young Atlas: That’s my favorite show as well. What do you think is the deeper message of that show? 

Cassius Morris: I think its a commentary on all of us. Tony Soprano does the things that people in their darkest fantasy actually want to do. Thats why we are rooting for him. Its more of a commentary of the human condition then it is a mob show. A lot of that deeper meaning is completely missed. 

Young Atlas: I am a huge Sopranos fan! What made that show so revolutionary, was the fact that you were rooting for the bad guy. That was first TV show where your rooting for a bad protagonist. 

Cassius Morris: Yeah man! Looking at the comparisons down the line with “Dexter” and “Breaking Bad” ,even though they had their own intricacies, there was never a show like this before Sopranos. It paved the way! 

Young Atlas: Which Godfather is your favorite? 

Cassius Morris: Number 1 is my favorite. Number 2 was incredible, the Vito Corleone stuff was the best part of the movie. For me I found Godfather 1 always had two stories going on but there were two stories in the same world. Godfather 2 was two completely separate movies at the same time. It was still a phenomenal movie. Some of those wide shots are incredible. 

Young Atlas: Any projects you would want to produce in terms of a movie or TV Show? 

Cassius is also a photographer ! What can’t he do? 

Cassius Morris: You look at all the great writers like Quinten Tarantino and Martin Scorsese, they all have very similar rudiments. I would love to put some form of my life story into a movie or TV Show. I would like to do it based around the parts that only I would know. Include some of the topics that people haven’t seen. There is so much going on in my life thats made for a movie. 

Young Atlas: Any interviews that really stuck out over the course of your career thus far? 

Cassius Morris: Honestly, Michael Landsberg, was a really eye opening interview for me. He admitted to me that he was analyzing my interviewing skills the entire time and he was very impressed. I grew up watching him and that was something I was waiting for, for a long time. This came after a couple months of intensive work on active listening. I have a lot of work still to do. Yes, I have had some great guests and had some really big highlights. However, there are plenty of ways I can get better and become a better host. There is never going to be a point where I have it all figured out. I am constantly perfecting my craft. 

Young Atlas: The barrier of entry is really low now for someone who wants to start interviewing people. A lot of people are now creating podcasts and producing interviews. What goes into producing great interviews? 

Cassius Morris: One of the first interviewers I saw was George Stroumboulopoulos. He interviewed anyone you can imagine. What makes him great is that even if you don’t hear him you can tell he is engaged. In terms of lighter interviews: Ellen DeGeneres and Howard Stern are major influences. Howard Stern is great at making people say things they otherwise wouldn’t, because he’s Howard. The main thing in being an interviewer is actually listening. A lot of people want to simply ask a question and then wait to ask their next question. If you train yourself to really listen to what the person is saying you will have a natural response before going to your next written question. You want to offer as many natural responses as possible before proceeding to your next question. 

Young Atlas: You should only interview someone your actually interested in talking too! 

Cassius Morris: 100 percent! You want to make sure everyone is engaged and that includes the host! You have to be curious about the person your interviewing. 

Gene Simmons from Kiss

Young Atlas: What are some tips you would give someone just starting off, in order to eventually land major interviews? 

Cassius Morris: Start as small as you have to. For me it was wanting to start with Kiss. So whatever connection I could find around Kiss I would interview. If you want to do interviews with Major League Baseball players you might start off interviewing the water boy. Get your foot in the door and eventually it will lead to something else. Also don’t be afraid to approach people. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want, you would be surprised how receptive people can be! 

Young Atlas: For people who want to get in the entertainment business, what are some tips you would offer them based on the successful guests you’ve had the pleasure of speaking with? 

Cassius Morris: One of the reasons I love Kiss is because it doubles as the meaning Keep It Simple Stupid. Its a humbling motto, because people over look the small things.  

Young Atlas: I love that, especially in this business, because people are obsessed with the big picture of being a huge star and forget about the journey. 

Cassius Morris: Making great content comes down to being engaging, passionate, and interesting. Those are the mechanics behind it. People make it too complex. Don’t over look trying to figure it out as the negative part, there can be a lot of fun in that. 

Young Atlas: Dream interview? I know you interviewed Gene Simmons from Kiss! 

Cassius Morris: I would love to interview a President ! Im starting off small with mayors and senators. I also want to interview Drake. As a Canadian who wants to use acting to parlay into music and is of a similar race it would be an interesting conversation. We are at vastly different levels in our career so it would be a great perspective being able to speak with him. Can’t forget Ozzy Osbourne as well! Lastly I would still love to interview Joe Rogan. Anyone who has followed me from the beginning knows that’s been long overdue.

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