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Ever wonder, what it’s like to work with some of the hottest up and coming artists in New York City ? Young Atlas had the pleasure of speaking with Airs Harris, founder of Airs Entertainment.
Since Airs was a youngster he always had a strong love for music. As Airs tells many people, “Music is my religion”. His family had a major influence on his love for music, especially his mom who gave him a wide collection of the hottest tracks at the time. From there on Airs started buying music and became the go to person at school who knew about the fresh music. During high school he noticed a number of his classmates were pursuing a career in rap. Airs was also captivated by the hip-hop culture. Although the hip-hop scene was a popular avenue for many of his high school peers, Airs turned his attention to business. 

After high school, Airs attended The City College of New York. During his time in college he joined a fraternity. As a brother he stated learning how to throw events and network. Airs eventually started promoting for various nightclubs in New York City. He was the plug when it came to NYC nightlife.

In 2017 Airs started the Instagram account “Airs Fashion.” Initially he used his Instagram account as a tool to promote fashion. As time went on Airs started to diversify the platform into music and that is when Airs Entertainment was born. During this period he began to grow his connections with artists as well as other industry professionals. Airs started to realize that a lot of the talented artists he was beginning to build relationships with, did not have the necessary marketing tools. 

In 2018 Airs produced his first concert titled, “The Underground Showcase”. Airs was able to pull a large crowd and this sparked a true passion of creating experiences. Since then, he has thrown a number of successful events and created a platform for a wide range of talented artists to perform. Airs entertainment recently branded their own event called “Bring The Energy”. Airs wants to build the next “Rolling Loud”.

Airs has also started his own record label, “Public Figure Records” that is comprised of talented Hip-hop & R&B artists. “I see artists as Public Figures to the world”, Airs stated. Public Figure Records helps artists with booking shows, setting up distribution, graphic design, photoshoots and other services that artists need. It doesn’t stop there, he has also started interviewing artists through his platform, “The Creators Journey”. The series talks with artists about their story and what it takes to make it in the entertainment business.

Airs ambition is to truly make his mark on the entertainment business as a whole. By creating experiences and growing his media brand Airs has been able to grow his company at an impressive speed. Heavily inspired by Diddy and Jay-Z, Airs is truly a mogul in the making. Airs’s main goal is to have a wide range platform for artists. 

Biggest Challenge? 

“Its a dog eat dog world, you can connect with a lot of people, but everybody doesn’t have the same intentions at heart. Some people see what you got going on and jump on the bandwagon just to benefit themselves. You have to kill the dead weight. See who is actually humble, and who really wants to work. Finding the right people that are serious.” 

Advice For Artists Your Working With? 

“Build a team where everybody plays their role. You can’t do it all alone. Do a lot of research. Ask a lot of questions. Learn from the trials and errors of those that went before you.” 

Advice For Managers?

“Patience is key. Its like being a big brother, you have to be there spokes person. You have to learn about everything there is in the music business. You can’t wait for the artist. Follow up with the artist and understand them from a business, as well as a personal level. Work hard and work smart, you got to put the time in.” 

Artists Who Want to Get In Contact?

“Hit my DM, I will respond, just give me some time. I’m busy!” 


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