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Singer/Songwriter DanteWuzHere, born in Florida and raised in the music mecca of Atlanta. Always having a natural love for music Dante puts his love for purpose in every line he creates. His latest single Follow Me, is divine timing for the world we live in today. Lets take a look at how Dante builds his legacy, line by line.

I want you to explain to me your process when you created Follow Me, and what did you want people to take from it?
When Follow Me was conceived because it was actually written for me by my brother. Ryan Toby formerly of the singing group City High who is also, a very well-known song writer. That’s been my brother for many years, myself and City High used to do a lot of radio shows together. We shared a lot of history, their Publicist was also my manager at the time. So when I just finished Heaven Help Us, which was my first single; I reached out to him. I was like bro, I know you got some records over there for me. I had been going through a lot and I was in a weird space at the time. A lot was happening around me. Significant events, losses of people that were close to me but at the same time, I had a lot of great things happening. I was in a space where I didn’t know how to celebrate all the good things that were happening because I was also trying to mourn so it was like, you know, it was just weird space like what is this? What do I do? How do I feel? Where do I go? We also had a long conversation about mental health and all those kind of things and he shared some of the things that he had been going through and maybe a day or so later, he sent me the record over and I was just like man this speaks to me! It speaks to me in so many ways, you could be talking to a loved one, your best friend, or you could be talking to yourself. For me it was me having a reflection and talking to myself. You’ve been going through all these things, you know you’re tough, you know you’re strong, you gotta keep going and the only way you’re going to get there is if you continue to believe and not falter on your strengths. Don’t let fear, doubt, and confusion keep you from where you need to go.

You guys did a great job of pulling it off together, your raw emotions and his pen game created a great track, How important is it to have the right chemistry on a track?
Absolutely I felt that one, when we went in to record my engineer who is also my producer as well, was like, you know, just let me go in and do my thing. He and I vocal produced it together. I was just like, I need the lead vocals to just sit right there in the middle. I needed to be the focus because when I delivered it, I wanted it to almost kind of feel like the vocals that Prince gave on Purple Rain like you’re know how they sat in front of all that live music. That hard guitar and drums in the background, I was like I need to focus to be Center and I needed to be crisp and clear. So we put the focus on just vocal. The music itself is already dramatic; it has so many sounds in it. There’s sounds within the music that sound like someone is singing, the track is doing it’s own thing, it doesn’t need the extra attention. I needed my vocals to be right there in front and center so these lyrics and these words and these emotions are felt. I need people to connect with this and I hope that when they connect to it, it takes them to a place in their life or place that they’ve been or a person that they could help or already has helped.

At what point in your life, did you realize that you were supposed to be the shepherd and not the Sheep?
Very early on, it’s crazy because I have a couple of friends who called me Granddad, because they say that I have such an old soul, old spirit and I’m wise I don’t put that title on myself, I don’t think I am I just talk and if that works for you that works for you, but very early on I became a Shepherd because you know as a young teenager, I didn’t have a lot of guidance, I kind of just learned to love myself early on because I pretty much was faced with a lot from very early on; it was either sink or swim, follow your dreams are or not. At the time when I started to pursue music, I started to notice that there were people who lived in my neighborhood, where I come from, who became these big superstars.Artists like Outkast, Organized Noize, TLC and then Usher. Atlanta was I was booming and a lot of them lived in my neighborhood and I’m like if they can do it so can I! Just learning to love myself very early on even through tragedy or victory either way, I learned to love myself and really become Center. Which is why now in the scope of the world, I’m able to just sit through this like a zen master. I sit in my house, I meditate, and I pray. I’m human, so of course I’m going to have my up’s and my downs, but overall I’ve been straight. I haven’t really been like oh my God panicking and freaking out because none of this is in my control. So I’m just counting on God to deliver through the universe and just sit still and be quiet so I can receive everything that I’m supposed to receive. I just feel like this song is just perfect timing for the world, actually, both of my singles were divine timing for the state of the world. With Heaven Help Us I spoke on issues, like racism, Donald Trump, the education system and the way people use religion as a weapon and now transitioning to Follow Me. It’s just like your either going to sit still and follow your God, whatever you believe in, your inner spirit and ascend above all this stuff or you’re just going to continue to be lost in the sauce.

What would the younger version of you have received from a track like Follow Me?
Honestly, very early on I can say from about seven years old I’ve just connected with music in a different way. I was one of those kids who would just have to connect with my music and go to a place. One of my uncles in Florida would also say, “damn he’s always in that room with them headphones on!” I just wanted to connect and I would listen to the background vocals and then the lyrics and then how the music plays with the melody. I feel like younger me would just get lost because the music feels like a floating through heaven or space. It feels like light. I don’t know where but I guess to a spiritual place. I probably would have cried a lot listening to it. No, I’m not gonna lie. I probably would have been a big baby and boohoo crying about it.

How important is it for you to allow those feelings to come to surface?
I think a lot of the time, especially men in our community don’t get the chance to be emotional. There’s so many stigmas against being emotional and I don’t think it’s fair. I think that’s what also adds to a lot of mental illness that goes on in our community because men are not allowed to be emotional or be vulnerable and it should be safe places and safe spaces provided for men to be able to do that; without judgment. People fail to really acknowledge mental health so often because they don’t want to speak on something being wrong, but you know, there are times when we have to acknowledge our reality. Publicly or privately these are the things that I need to pay attention to you know, so absolutely.

How do you remain balanced with self as far as your mission is and still adhering to what your target market may pay attention to?
Honestly, I don’t really give it much thought. I feel like if you deliver something from your heart somebody’s going to connect to it. There is somebody out there across the globe, across the planet, across your country, across your state, or your town that’s gonna connect with you because they felt that exact same way. That’s how I connected to all of the musicians that I called my heroes because there’s something in their music that just connects with me and my life. I’ve never wanted to look at myself like oh I gotta deliver specific messages to people. I just know that I always want to stay on the light side of things and keep my soul intact.I never do anything that’s outside of my character, never say anything that I would never say to in actual real life, I keep my actions the same and just help other people through my music. I want to use my platform to help others in every capacity. So I just really just focus on that to be honest with you, it has to be about me. I am the representative of whatever you see in whatever you hear, if I’m not being true to me and I feel like it just wouldn’t resonate with anyone

What’s your spirit animal?
My spirit animal actually is not a specific bird but birds of prey like Eagles, Hawks, and Vultures. They’re powerful, they’re feared and they also can just fly off and be free. Something about them just speaks to me so much, I love the idea of just soaring up high, but if I got to come down and prove myself, I can do that.

Something many people may not know about you?
I don’t think a lot of people know that I’m actually really really really dope songwriter as well. Not to toot my own horn, but I have been nominated for several Awards here and there. I do like to highlight my pen game as well and I’m just a humble Spirit. I’m not in this for fame, I do this because I actually love it, this is my passion and I know nothing like I know music! I figured I’ve been working for other people trying to make money for myself while making them millionaires. Why not take what I feel God put me here for purposely and do that, I feel like I’m walking in my purpose. I am more comfortable, more happy, more enlightened, more everything when I’m immersed in music. I know nothing like I know music.

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