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HollywoodYSA is a hip-hop artist that’s based out of Brooklyn, NY. The conscious rapper’s career started taking off during 2010 – 2012 when he created two mixtapes and one EP. The names of those tapes are Hustle Thru Depression9th Dilla Effects, and The Doom Tape EP

After joining an independent label, Lotta Money House ENT. LLC, in early 2014, Y.S.A released an All-Star Music Award-winning LP titled Real Recognize Real, which is produced by Official Stichel (2014 Buzz Factor of The Year, 2014 Album Of The Year). The divergent lyricist has also been apart of national college tours like The Deans List Tour. After a brief hiatus, Y.S.A self-released another album effort, The Dime Series. Yet, more recently, he’s created a follow-up to this musical piece. 

Not too long ago, HollywoodYSA dropped an 8-track album titled PointGod: The Fusion Tape. In a nutshell, the compilation of songs possess charisma, swagger, and top-tier lyricism similar to old school rap records. Sonically, each track oozes with jazz elements and a boom-bap influence. He also taps into the newest genre: trap. Cadence-wise, the emcee crossovers between one that’s bouncy, laid-back, and entirely unbothered. 

Flipping through the tape, you’ll hear HollywoodYSA drop bars about his vices, charm, working against the grain, how he deals with envy, along with commentary about Black history, societal issues, and police brutality, to name a few. Once you decide to give this a spin, make sure to check out these tracks: “Crook Moves (Goku BlaKk!),” “Suicide Notes,” “Gogeta vs. Broly.” The features on this tape are NajiCash SinatraMiss Lissa, and Bob Bu$h. PointGod: The Fusion Tape also carries beats produced by GodFingaz and is mixed and mastered by Yoo Stitch.

Listen to PointGod: The Fusion Tape by Hollywood YSA below:

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