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Venus Rose is the Founder and Creative Director of HOUSE OF CREATIVES which is an American Creative agency that specializes in Creative Production and Entertainment Marketing. Venus created this agency with the goal of developing her her clients in unique ways. With a focus on Creative Design, Event Creation, Video Production, Marketing PR, Its a one stop shop for artist and brands partially those in the development stages. Check out her YA Industry Tips:

What are some factors that you consider when you are creating a marketing strategy for your clients? The first thing I look at is their image and demographic, so that I can develop their brand around their fan base or consumers interest. I focus on Music Brands and Clothing Brands Specifically as well as media platforms. Analyzing the brand to see whats missing and where they need to be developed on a more professional level.

What is the importance of building a team and how it relates to the success of your brand? There is but so much that I can do, in the past I’ve tried to do everything alone and became overwhelmed. It’s important that you team get your ascetic and understand your vision. Collaboration is key with everything, today so much is digital and although I was born during the birth of the digital era I am not a tech person; I have a creative background, translating that is something I would need photographers, videographers all things that are out side of my lane. Surrounding yourself with the right people will get the job done.

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