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Jae Millz took the time to chop it up and offer some positive updates on music and life. Millz discussed the new skills he’s been developing during quarantine. He also speaks about some of the major differences between New York and LA. Jae Millz drops some gems from other industry elites like Lil Wayne. Jae Millz is super humble and showed nothing but respect towards the team. We wish him all the continued success coming his way. 

Young Atlas: Jae Millz, I appreciate your time. We are black owned media company from Harlem, so thanks a lot for chopping it up with us. 

Jae Millz: Oh that’s dope I use to live on 157th and I went to junior high school on 133rd and Broadway. 

Young Atlas: I know the world is a crazy place right now, what have you been working on recently? 

Jae Millz: Lately I’ve been directing a lot. I got into directing last year when I wanted to learn how to edit. I have been using this time to learn how to do things I didn’t know how to do before. It gets boring just doing the same stuff after 5-6 months of quarantine. I also been working on a lot of new music, but not necessarily to put out right now. I will have music ready when things get back to some what normal, so I can do more then just putting it out on streaming platforms. Just working through it! 

Young Atlas: What do you miss most, since you have been in quarantine? If quarantine ended tomorrow what are some things Jae Millz would want to do? 

Jae Millz: I would like to get back to interacting with the fans publicly. That’s one thing I’m not going to take for granted. Things like meet and greets, taking pictures with the fans, I definitely miss that. It’s not so much a money thing, its about getting more out of your product. Anybody with a product right now, its hard to promote it, whether your selling hair products, music or you got a sneaker store. Its hard to sell products right now because its hard to market something. You have to find ways to switch up what your doing. Nobody is going to be able to keep on doing the same thing. Nothing beats that personal interaction though! 

Young Atlas: If you were to go back and offer your 15/16 year old self some words of advice, what would you would want to tell yourself? 

Jae Millz: Don’t spend so much time second guessing yourself. If something doesn’t work, you have more time to figure it out. With the whole pandemic, it showed me tomorrow is not promised. We are all here on borrowed time. If you want to do something do it! If you want to try something, try it! I use to plan so much, that’s where you start second guessing yourself. If you would have went for it in the first place you wouldn’t have wasted so much time. Don’t second guess yourself so much!!!! 

Young Atlas: Artists also over think releasing songs. Have you ever dealt with a similar experience? 

Jae Millz: Yeah, I have had experiences where you wait too long to put out a record and by the time you put it out, the climate has changed. That’s why you hear certain artists, say they make timeless music. When you hear an artist say they make timeless music that means they may record a song today that may come out 4 years later and you would never know. I had times where I was sitting on a record, and I thought it wasn’t the right song. Where in reality all I had to do was add a hook and put it out. I remember when I did Green Goblin with Chris Brown, that was really just a record I was going to put on a mixtape. No one was messing with Chris Brown at this time. This was when the Rihanna situation was going on and he was pretty much cancelled. I remembered hearing him on the Fan of a Fan mixtape with Tyga and I thought he can really spit. When I called him to ask him to get on the record I asked him to rap. Chris Brown wasn’t rapping on a lot of people’s records yet. I thought he was a dope rapper. He put a verse on the record and I ran with it. I put a plan behind the song to really push the single. I was just going to do a mixtape record at first, but everyone kept telling me the song was crazy. It turned out to be one of my more notable records. 

Young Atlas: Any new music coming out the fans can look forward too? 

Jae Millz: Vado and I have been working on some new music. I am going to use some of those tracks for an EP that I am working on. Its just hard to put music out right now and collaborate with people, with all the craziness going on. Also me and Smoke Dza worked on a few records the last time he was in LA. I been mostly getting into the directing. I have the Loud Opinions podcast, which I shoot, edit, record and upload. I am really becoming a director now which is dope because it is something that I learned during the pandemic. Before the pandemic I didn’t know how to edit footage. I didn’t know how to edit multi cam. I hope when we get back to work the way we really want, I am praying directing will really open up some new doors. 

Young Atlas: Speaking of Vado and Smoke DZA, where in Harlem did you primarily grow up? 

Jae Millz: I am from 157th between Amsterdam and Broadway, but I grew up between 144th between 7th and Lenox; Vado and I are from the same block. 

Young Atlas: So you know Dirty Kitchen? 

Jae Millz: I was raised on Dirty Kitchen! Double chop over the yellow rice with the cheese and the ketchup, salt n pepper, with the half and half. We been going to Dirty Kitchen for years. 

Young Atlas: Since you’re in LA now, what are some of the differences compared to New York City? 

Jae Millz: What I love about LA is the space. I love the different beaches, the weather, the trees and the fact that my family is here; also the weed is legal! I can walk into a store and walk out with an ounce, and not have to worry about the police. There are also a bunch of new opportunities. I have been in the industry for over 20 years, I got in the game really young. Now there are more opportunities in LA for me because the majority of the opportunities in New York I have already made the most of, but what I miss the most about New York is my brother and friends. 

Young Atlas: I know you have worked with tons of major players in the entertainment industry. If you could sit down at dinner and learn from someone, is there a particular person you would like to chop it up with? 

Jae Millz: I would want to sit down with Bob Johnson. I haven’t talked with Birdman in a while, but I always had good conversations with Birdman. Master P is another person full of gems. I didn’t say Diddy off rip because Diddy has been giving me game since I was 19 years old. Every time I have been around Diddy he is always giving great advice. 

Young Atlas: What is some memorable advice you received that has stuck with you till this day? 

Jae Millz: Lil Wayne use to tell me to make sure you give everything to whatever you’re doing. Don’t half ass anything. Don’t try to cheat it. He used to tell me “Millz you could of really went crazy on that verse but you took a couple of bars off. You have to have that mentality where you leave it all on the floor”. Especially during times like these, we haven’t been able to do a lot of the things we love in months. You can’t take anything for granted. 

Young Atlas: What do you want to accomplish in the next 5 years? 

Jae Millz: I got about 5 documentaries that I want to start working on. Right now I see myself writing and directing a series. There are also a lot of artists I know who’s music videos I would like to produce. I would like to bring some of their songs to life. You heard me on songs with French Montana, Niki Minaj, Drake, Tyga, TI, Camron, Twista I can go on for days. I want to do something different now. Imagine you see the Millzy Vision logo on your favorite artist music video.

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