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“Peaceful Rage” 

A Discussion with Johny Based 

Young Atlas: When did you start making music? 

Johnny Based: I started making music in high school, I was in a band. Once we hit the stage at Afropunk (a well know festival in Brooklyn, New York City), I knew this is what I wanted to do as a career. Music was also part of my upbringing, because I went on tour with my mother, because she was a singer and dancer, by the name of Iris Wilson. Im glad I started music at such a young age, it really helped me grow my sound and experiment. 

Young Atlas Tip: Learn how to grow your sound 

Young Atlas: What happened with the band? 

Johnny Based: I dismembered myself from the band, I have been a solo artist for the last four years. 

Young Atlas? What was the hardest part of your music career so far?  

Johnny Based: Probably dismembering from the band. I needed to find a new team. So I started writing consistently and developing my sound. I started working with the collective, NXGN and they taught me of the power of performing live/stage presence. Since I have been able to improve my performance skills I am about to gain new fans every time I perform. 

Young Atlas: What advice do you have for up and coming artists? 

Johnny Based: Learn from your mistakes and don’t let yourself get discouraged (at least not for too long) 

Young Atlas: One of your favorite music inspirations and why?

Johnny Based: Tyler the Creator, I respect his confidence and beat collection. 

Young Atlas: I see you are apart of the Goth culture. Tell me more about the goth culture? 

Johnny Based: Its all burdens, hardships, agony, and rage where it is dulled down and becomes apart of you. 

Fun Fact: Johnny Based throws an annual concert called Goth Flex that has featured performances from: Rockstar Payso ,(@rockstarpayso), RILLYRIL (@r1llyr1l), NXGN (@nxgncbnt), Tayahna Walcott (@taliaagoddess), Sponge the Jawn (@spongito) and @djyungneil 

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