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Karma Nikole knows all about the language of money and is making it clear that she is too focused on her alignment to the bag rather than what a fallen fan has to say! Transmuting hate into checks with her latest Video, Make Them Mad lets see what has them all drawlin’!!  

Tell us how the concept for Make Them Mad came about and where do you think you found your confidence to bite back at naysayers or people in general that may try to block your bag?

I know what to do with that type of energy, Make Them Mad was written and recorded in the same day. I was in a bad space and I took it and went into the studio with it. I listened to the instrumental and whatever came to my mind at the time I let it out.

On the flip side, what was the best part of making this track?

Recording Make Them Mad was just a different vibe. I feel like it was like a Cali vibe and New York vibe mixed and the versus were really fun. I love to hype myself up and just dance, and write to the beat. At that time I didn’t know it would turn out so good, I was just trying to get out of a space that I was in and it turned out to be really good. Even at the beginning of the track, I didn’t write that, it wasn’t planned; I felt it, recorded it.

Hate Me Now

“I don’t get anything out of focusing on the hate, why would I focus on the hate and focus on anybody else and whatever anybody is saying about me? I feel like it’s a waste of my energy, I’m not making nothing out of it and I can’t make nothing out of it. So I might as well just do something to make it good for me at the end. Growing up, I’ve dealt with a lot of hate and I have a lot of brothers, so I grew up tough,and around a lot of guys. I’m not sensitive to what goes on, I’m very confident in everything I do. Dealing with this from an early age actually helped me; I’ve always found room to ignore it.” 

What daily routines or affirmations do you use to remind yourself of who you are and help stay motivated?

Making music is what motivates me, I don’t like being down for too long. Anytime I feel like I’m going into my shell, where I don’t feel like talking to anyone; I find my way out by writing music. I noticed this about myself a long time ago. Taking note to what makes me happy, or whenever I’m not in a good mood, what do I need to do to get out out that? The answer for me is always music!

As for affirmations everyday when I wake up, I look in the mirror like “Yo! You a Bad Bitch!” because I know nobody can take that away from me; I built myself.

If you can change anything about the industry, what would it be?

Probably how much they try to get women to compete with one another, I feel like they try to get women to compete way more than guys in the industry. It’s always backlash whenever a female artist does something or says something. “she talks about this too much, she talks about that too much” Or “she’s shaking her ass too much!” but in reality not only is it her right to do it, its also what sells! So I would change how they look at women or they how they expect women to do what they say.

What’s Next for Karma Nikole?

I’m working on my EP now which is almost complete. I have so many singles I can release, I am being patient with the process tho and enjoying the love that I am getting from the Make Them Mad Video which is out now!!

Check out the Video for Karma Nikole Make Them Mad

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