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Be Blessed That Your Feet Can Feel Concrete! LawrenceNeziak Henderson created Brooklyn or Bustas a lifestyle brand that embodies the full expression of Fashion, Events, Entertainment and a touch of Tech with his Brooklyn or Bust App. A Native of Brooklyn Larry Lazarusof Bed Stuy is no stranger to adversity as a black entrepreneur, but has used his experiences like any true alchemist to birth his solution-based networking events that provide a touch of entertainment while allowing entrepreneurs an opportunity to sell their products and connect. Taking 2020 by the horns Brooklyn or Bust has expanded to Consulting Services for business owners/creatives along with his Infamous BKB Clothing line, unique Jewelry pieces, Candles and more.

As a Small Black Owned Business Owner, What was One of the Biggest Obstacles You’ve Faced during Quarantine? 

For me I’ve never really looked at business in a mechanical way, business is all about how well you can solve a problem. What I have learned so far operating my business during quarantine is to be prepared for any possible mishap. It’s not always a lack of funds or lack of machinery to get the job done, but things like being able to think fast when you get ghosted by your distributors or competing with the massive trends of fly by night brands that are looking to make a fast buck off of the pandemic. My experience has taught me to trust when things don’t work out, focus on the solution; learn your lesson and its on to your next victory.

What Message Would You Like Your Brand to Express to People When They See Brooklyn Or Bust?

The reason I started my Brooklyn Or Bust as well as my app was because I was told that as Black people we need to learn to work smarter and not harder. This made me question things like why aren’t black people in tech? Why cant I have an app? There was no barrier, it’s a field that 1% of black people invest in. Brooklyn or Bust is Freedom of Expression against diversity. I want all walks of life to feel good about themselves. I am my brand, my goal is to show people how to do it the honorable way. Whether it is my app or what I create with my line, I believe I am moving the needle. I am learning the art of being precise about where you want to land, I don’t worry about chasing likes. You gotta ask yourself, where do you want to land? with the frauds getting the likes, or do you want to land with the real motherfuckers that are making a impact?! My way is going to take longer so I’m lacing up my boots.

What Drives You to Keep Pushing Through Adversity to Leave Your Mark in Your Industry?

I keep myself motivated by staying clear on my goals and separating my emotions from my business decisions. I surround myself with people who are also motivated so it’s a constant exchange of forward moving energy around me. I am always motivated by other successful people. Seeing other people win helps me to push myself. Once you find your own formula you can learn to be 10 steps ahead. You can be motivated by so many things, but the actions that you take is what makes shit happen.

Even in a Storm, Larry Neziak’sBrooklyn or Bust has managed to stay afloat. His formula is simple, stay in your own lane and you will be the one that God helps! #KEEPGOING

Catch Larry Neziak along with his Co-Host of their Bar Talk Radio Podcast on Apple.
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