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Who is Leash Da Beaast?

My name is Leash and I go by Leash Da Beaast, I currently reside in Jersey City NJ, raised is Bushwick, Flatbush, Jamaica Queens, Springfield Gardens, I moved around a little bit growing up, but the benefit of that is no matter where I go I know someone. I am a Music Producer as well as Videographer and Content Creator. I’ve been making music since I was about 14, almost 20 years now. Music is something that’s always been a part of me because I grew up with my uncles and my father who were rappers,I was raised watching them make their way into the business. My uncle actually was signed to Warlock Records back in 1989 for a little while. At that time he had started an entire BLM movement this was at the same time of the time artists like Public Enemy and Jungle Brothers were on the scene. Having all of this around me played a role on my drive to create.

What were some of your best works to date that people may not know you were a part of?

I’ve worked with Chris Rivers and produced two songs off of his album DeLorean, the track “Subtitles” as well as “That’s of fact”. I’ve had the opportunity to do videography work for Mama Jones from Love & Hip Hop York. She has a show called Cheers of Harlem and which is on YouTube. I am the Main Director of Photography as well as the Editor of the show of each episode. These opportunities allowed me to work closely with really great people.

Where you able to find opportunity to create new concepts for you or your brand, during these unforeseen times? With everything going on with this covid-19 it gave me an opportunity to put out as much content as possible, and to be as creative as possible; it gave me the chance to give the people what they want. As far as my brand BEAAST it’s actually an acronym and which stands for Being Everyone’s Aspiration And Stay True. It basically means don’t follow the trend but be the trend! I would say it helped if anything new concepts and ideas are coming to me everyday.

“We live in a day in age where its common for young people to follow what’s going on because they feel like it’s going to get them this popularity and get them, you know this level of prosperity at the end of the day, nobody can be a better you than you and it’s best to say stay true to yourself, to your art and everyone shall follow, you know, and that’s what I represent.“

What were some fears you had to push past to get to where you are today? How do you use those experiences to create?

I tried my hand at rapping and writing when I was younger when I was about 17-18 years old, but I wasn’t confident. So I stuck to being behind the scenes because I’m like really really shy and I was even more shy back then but that lack of confidence in one thing led me to honing my skills with producing as well as filming because I’m behind the camera or behind a computer; you know behind the scenes like nobody could see me. After a while it’s like I just had to you know, I had to get over that fear. I think FEAR is an acronym too, it’s like Feeling Every Adverse Reaction. That’s what I think fear means. So at a certain point I was like fuck fear! Everything that I create is definitely true to me. I try not to put out anything that I haven’t done or haven’t been through I have music talking about, anger pain, happiness, love, all the things that the average person goes through, including fear. I used to rap about other things but what really made me change my tone a little bit is because of my daughter. I changed the context of my music when I saw her interest in my music, she would be like “mommy I want to listen to your music too”. I had to create music she could listen to, now she can sing along; nothing like Kidz, Bop but Universal music.

How important is it for your daughter to witness your journey?

To me it is of utmost importance that she follow her passion as well. I am an example for my daughter to follow her dreams whatever they may be and to never give up and that’s all she’s seen since she’s been ye high. If I had a video shoot she was there, If I had to record at the studio, she was with me at the studio, you know taking a nap. She’s been with me since the beginning like for as long as I can remember so, you know, it’s definitely important for me to keep going and show her that you can do this and you can strive to gain success the way I am. We have a muntra we say everyday. “I’m beautiful. I’m smart and I’m a strong black woman in training” and I believe that with all my heart I make sure she believes it, and believes in herself and I believe in myself because like I said, I’m setting an example for her, so I just keep that in mind with everything that I do.

What does BBQ mean? Describe what your message is for the BBQ video.

BBQ is an acronym for Beaautiful Black Queen what I like to do with my titles since I have BEAAST which has two a’s. For me it’s more than a song, it’s more of a mantra for young black women and young black little girls as well. To feel pride in themselves for being black, and being powerful and strong.

With everything going on right now with the murders and abductions of our beaautiful black queens I feel like this song is right on time. BBQ is about empowerment within our race and ourselves as individuals. I wanted to create something that would make women feel and see how amazing they truly are. You are powerful, you are strong, you are smart, you are beaautiful! I was blessed to have my actual family participate with the video which included my daughter, my mother, my aunts, cousins and nieces; this masterpiece of a visual is for our legacy. Its been really receptive all over the world, I’ve had people contact me from Africa, Untied Kingdom, Switzerland, Philly! All over the place and they are expressing how proud they are to be Black woman. I’m amazed by the reception that the song/visual has received.

What do you want your legacy to be remembered for?

What do I want my legacy to remember for it? I wanted to be remembered for being me and I’m not being fake being as genuine as possible, you know, being entertaining being relatable and just being an all-around entrepreneur, amazing artist.

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