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Recording artist and CEO of FlyBoy Music Group Maine Laveau is a man on a mission. Making change on and off wax the Miami Florida native, founded FlyBoy Music Group for artists to find new ways to get the support they need on the way up.  Having the talent but no funds won’t get you far but Maine Laveau is on a mission to groom artists that are hungry, listen and understand the importance of the support that FlyBoy Music Group has to offer. Thru his own adversity Maine was able to take his failures as an artist to build a legacy for so many artists to come, from nothing to everything; magic city. 

As an upcoming artist how has the pandemic affected your creative process? 

This COVID thing really hasn’t affected my process too much. Growing up and not having things is kinda like being in COVID. Being a kid and your mom being like you can’t go out after dark because that’s when they start shooting is the same as COVID. Having to find things in the house to make use of, that’s where I found my creative process to write rhymes and draw. That space birthed my creative habits, that’s why people saw me working throughout this time; it’s like child’s play. When you know better, you know what to do and how to prepare yourself. 

What was a life changing event that affected how you looked at life?

There are actually 2 things: 

  1. My daughter being born, I am the proud father of a 7 year old Queen named Seven
  2. Getting shot by 3 high risk teenagers I was working with

Both changed my perception of the world, there is a high rate of young black males that carry guns and half of the parents stay home but never search under the bed or in those shoe boxes for a gun. You see the kids on Instagram with the guns in their stories; how come their parents don’t know about it? Getting shot really changes my perspective and made me ask, what are patents really doing at home? 

“With a crime rate of 42 per one thousand residents, Miami has one of the highest crime rates in America compared to all communities of all sizes – from the smallest towns to the very largest cities. One’s chance of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime here is one in 24.”- neighborhoodscout.com

What advice would you give other artist when it comes to ways of not getting burned in the industry? 

My advice would be to listen to and trust your team. It’s all about who your team is, build your team up with people who are about business, look at peoples credibility. As an artist a lot is being able to take directions and being able to listen. Nobody knows everything, especially if you are the artist; your job is to be the artist and they do the marketing. Everyone has their own position, as an artist play your position. My goal is to teach other young artist about tools like Full Sail University, which I learned about after receiving my Assoc. at Florida University. Getting my Bachelors at Full Sail changed everything, they should all be at college fairs at high schools but they aren’t. That would grasp people’s attention more so than being pushed into being this or being that, like whats your real passion?

How important is it to stay focused on the bag and move away from any energy that may breed envy on the way? 

Honestly you have to stay spiritually balanced, know yourself, know your surroundings. If a snake sheds its skin, it’s still a snake! You have to be on it, like me I’m considered a Wolf in sheep’s clothing. I know I am a wolf but people see my sweet smile and they have no idea all of the things that I’ve done in my past, but I like it that way; people call me Peter Pan. 

Why do you think some artists manage to get caught up in street life activity although they have achieved what most people consider success in their music careers?

It’s like what Jay-Z said “People think that you worked so hard to stay the same” for me, If I have to carry a gun to go anywhere that means I don’t need to be there. Or if I need 10-20 people to be there I may as well hire security, like what’s the point?  But to them the peer pressure of people seeing you need security outweighs the reality of the situation. 

“There are two types of people in the world: the manipulator and the manipulated, which one are you?” 

Whats next for Maine Laveau?

I am focused long road, overnight success won’t last so I’m looking forward to my journey and learning as much as possible along the way.  It may not be your time tomorrow, it may not be your time 10 years from now but when your time comes grab it! Make sure your hands ain’t slippery!


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