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WNBA displays BLACK LIVES MATTER on the hardwood as it begins season in bubble at Florida.

We have been itching to return to normal ASAP. Look no further as major sports are returning. My question is the climate right for it. We just had a curfew a month ago during the protests/riots following the deaths of unarmed Black Americans at the hands of police. Health officials want to certain states to close again due to coronavirus spiking again. Sport leagues are in a state of flux just like the rest of us. The NBA and WNBA has their players in a bubble in Florida. Florida just passed New York for the 2nd most cases in the country. MLB has teams playing games in empty stadiums, but teams will still have to travel during a pandemic. The Miami Marlins just had their games suspended for a week due to an outbreak spreading throughout the team. The NFL has opened training camps, but cancelled the preseason. Players are opting out due to COVID-19. Russell Wilson, who just welcomed a baby boy with Ciara, and other stars demanded a plan from the NFL about dealing with the pandemic. The NBA and WNBA have it right by having teams in a bubble, they can attempt to control the virus in case of an outbreak. The MLB has the least amount of contact and just have 2 teams dealing with outbreaks. The NFL is a sport based on contact and is nearly impossible for them to social distance.

Coronavirus isn’t the only thing on the minds of Americans. Race Relations and police brutality is at the forefront as well. In the past decade, the NBA and WNBA have been supportive of their players being vocal about social injustices. The MLB is in a new world as teams have kneeled for the anthem and Black Lives Matter banners throughout some stadiums. Some fanbases won’t be as welcoming to the movement as the NBA and WNBA are. The NFL is in another ballpark as they fumbled the ball-no pun intended with Colin Kaepernick. The Former QB was blackballed by the league after his protests on police brutality split the fanbase in half. After riots sparked by killing of George Floyd, the conversation about Colin’s peaceful protest was revisited. The NFL had to acknowledge a wrong and allowed players to protest freely. The state of the nation isn’t ready for sports. The “Rona” is still out here and thriving and with the country in this divided state, sports isn’t essential at the moment.

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