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The term Black Lives Matter shouldn’t be a political issue, it’s an issue of life and death. The rebuttal to Black Lives Matter with All Lives Matter is nonsense. If all lives mattered why aren’t you outraged by the numbers of black people killed by law enforcement. The complete 360 degree of All Lives Matter is the political pandering. We have asked for bad police to be held accountable and for police budgets to be defunded and those assets to be put in other resources. Instead, we got streets painted Black Lives Matter, corporations retweeting Black Lives Matter and politicians wearing Kente Cloth. The pandering to black people is cool, but it isn’t going to fix the problem. If the protestors are demanding arrest the cops who murdered Breonna Taylor, How is ABC this season’s “The Bachelor” black going to change anything.

Changes That Surprised Me!

NASCAR banning all things with Confederate flags was eye opener. First, NASCAR’s fan base has always been branded as racist. For them to step up and say that was huge. Uncle Ben and Aunt Jemima being retired was expected. Corporations will overact to anything that they deem black people to find sensitive. HBO Max removed “Gone with the Wind” from its streaming service. They called the 1939 film a product of its time and depicted ethnic and racial prejudices that were wrong then and are wrong today. If this gets Hollywood to stop making slave movies, I’ll be extremely thankful. No film is going to show how horrific slavery was, plus the films are always set up as Oscars bait. This year I got Juneteenth off for the first time ever. Its probably going to be a federal holiday, but let’s not lose focus on the goal.  We need to rid America of racism and police brutality. All these gestures are cool, but remember what we are marching for. 

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