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Unknown Culture, comprised of Amir Prints and Mier, is a rap duo who use their lyrics to speak on the importance of staying ten toes down. In the same manner, Amir and Mier detail what it’s like to work hard towards their dream and remain true to themselves. Not to mention, they always leave some bars that speak about their loved ones. 

Unknown Culture’s musical styling contrasts with today’s dreary rap scene as they use boom-bap and other ’90’s elements in means of bringing hip-hop back to its pure form. Additionally, the two emcees crossover between fast and bouncy cadences. 

Atlas, their latest albumputs their music’s theme on full display, carrying introspective lyrics about the everyday grind, losing loved ones, and more personal dwellings. The nine-track album also provides listeners with a golden slate of hip-hop and words of wisdom. 

Sure tracks include “Hemlock,” “Live It Up,” “Grind’n,” and “Dream Life.”

Hemlock” is a boom-bap offering led by a melancholic Spanish guitar, a booming bassline, and kick-snares. 

Between the lyrics, the two speak about how hard this year has been so far. Likewise, “Hemlock” finds the rap duo putting haters to rest, saying this isn’t a hobby but a passion. “Now, I got a burning rage. I use to murder my peers,” one of them raps. Towards the forty second mark, they showcase a faster cadence and even reference the album’s name at one point. 

Next up, one of the rappers spits lines like, “Knew that I’d be big since I was younger, always had the hunger/I remember it was just a dream, everybody slumber. Now the way I’m steppin’ in this b*tch, they just watch and wonder.” Additionally, one of them talks about their ability to rap and work ethic. At the same time, they call out wannabe emcees, We up working while y’all sleep at night/But you only the final, not the hustle, so you try and bite.”

Live It Up” is a melodic R&B offering that pays homage to the ones that departed from their lives. Subsequently, the two rap about making it through their 20’s so they can live it up. As the song continues, both spitters speak about achieving their dreams and what they want as a result. “Take life as it comes, no novocaine/Need more than my neighbors to know my name/Hoping when it’s dark, my lyrics can be the flame/To get you through the tunnel/Thought process, pain,” one of them spits. 

Elsewhere, they go in-depth about losing loved ones from addiction/suicide. “We gotta learn to not be so dismissive/I’m learning too, it’s not too hard to listen.” 

Grind’n” carries a trap beat with an organ lead, guitar loop, and kick-snares. The lyrics at hand speak about how the two are “puttin my time in.” But at the same time, they’re not content with working a nine to five job. Instead, they’d rather utilize their twenty-four hours chasing their passions. Deeper into the song, they call the bluff of those who don’t believe in their money-making skills. At one point, they even question if their work will pay off in the end. “Doing this for you, but I don’t think I can hold on,” they rap with a bouncy and fast cadence along with, “I’ll be grinding on this earth until I feel I earned enough.” 

Lastly, “Dream Life” sees Unknown Culture rapping about what they envision after achieving their goals. Elsewhere, the rap duo spits bars about battling demons and their mentality thus far while reaching for the stars. “Waking every day/ I don’t see shit change/Tryna figure out what I can do about it,” they deliver. Throughout “Dream Life,” the two also oscillate between fast and bouncy cadences. This song essentially is a Spanish-trap offering with a whistle staple, a piano loop, and other hip-hop arrangements. One notable line goes, “Finding my callin’/Ain’t got reception/I’m still looking for the bars that got em’ vibin.”

Listen to Atlas by Unknown Culture below:

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