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Young Atlas: How old are you ? 

Whipalo: 21 

Young Atlas: How did you get into videography, why did you make that pursuit? 

Whipalo: I’d be lying if I said this is always what I wanted to. There were a lot of trials and tribulations to get to where I am. There was a film class in my school and thats when I picked up a passion for film making. Ever since then I rolled with it. People started telling me I was good at it. I really like the process of creating. Ever since, I dubbed college and jumped all in. 

Fun Fact: Before finding his passion, Whipalo tried his hand at fashion and drawing. 

Young Atlas Tip: It’s cliche but it is important to believe in yourself in whatever it is you decide to do. Go all in! 

Young Atlas: What was it like when you were first starting out? 

Fun Fact: When I was first starting out I was running and gunning, no stabilizer or fancy lighting. I was working with a lot of up and comers at really affordable rates. This is how I first started experimenting. 

Young Atlas Tip: You have to start somewhere 

Young Atlas: How did you take your career to the next level?  

Whipalo: There was a s summer where I realized I was working with too many of the same artists. I didn’t feel like I was progressing as much. I wanted to be a little more exclusive and selective. I started to let it be known that I need to work with bigger clientele. Eventually, in January I booked a video with Jay Critch. My career started to escalate from there. 

Young Atlas Tip: In the entertainment business if you stay working, keep progressing, consistently network in addition to growing your following, there will be a time where you are presented a major opportunity. Success when preparation and opportunity meet. 

Whipalo Tip: “You need thick skin in this game.” 

Young Atlas: You had the pleasure of working with, Jay Critch, Drake, Rick Ross, Burna Boy, and more. What are some characteristics you have recognized when working with them, that might help explain why they are the greats that they are? 

Whipalo: A lot of what these guys got in common, number one I don’t see these guys sleep. They are up at like 9am and up till 4am, they don’t take naps. These guys work ethic is crazy. Time is so valuable, one hour of each day can take you 100 steps forward. You have to seize the day as much as possible. These guys also don’t take any BS. There is a myth that once you make it, its all chill from there. When your at their level its honestly even more work. 

Young Atlas Tip: In most cases the Journey to the top is easier then the work it takes to maintain that top spot. 

Young Atlas: Big goals for next year? 

Whipalo: I want to diversify my content, definitely the film industry as a whole. Im interested in documentaries and drams. I def wanna get in front of the camera. I want start getting into acting. I actually use to do stand up comedy. I wanna explore that side of my life more…being in front of the camera. I will definitely keep up the music videos. 

Young Atlas: Thoughts on Harvey Weinstein and his impact on the film industry? 

Whipalo: I’d say its super unfortunate…he brought up so many people in the industry, like Quentin Tarantino. He built a legacy. It sucks he did what he did. However, it did spark a fire in a good way. I feel like it helped us grow and move forward as a society. 

Young Atlas: Advice you would give to up and coming artists? 


  1. Don’t over think 
  2. Don’t be afraid to put out music 
  3. Thick skin is a must 

Whipalo’s Advice for Filmmakers 

  1. Understand the first few projects may not be incredible 
  2. You have to start somewhere 
  3. Learn from your mistakes 
  4. Always do work that is going to help you grow 
  5. Don’t get down on yourself, be realistic and keep getting better 

Young Atlas: As a fellow New Yorker, what did you think of Uncut Gems? 

Whipalo: I actually just watched that movie? Uncut Gems was awesome. As a New Yorker, I love what they did for Adam Sandler’s character, like we know that type of guy. If you aren’t in that hustle mentality you will most likely misunderstand that guy. 

Young Atlas: Current state of New York pop culture in entertainment? 

Whipalo: New York gets a bad rep on TV. They depict New York not in its true essence. I definitely want to create more content on New York. New York is like a country.

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